Process Systems Design has turn-key solutions for bulk materials handling requiring belt conveyor equipment to move solid materials of all shapes and sizes.

Belt Conveyors come in infinite configurations and sizes. This is predicated on the fact that their utility is completely dependent on their application including needed travel distance, angles of incline and materials being moved. We’ve designed equipment, full systems and consulted at companies that needed smart, efficient and budget conscious ways to move their materials.

Allow us to present our ideas on how we can maximize your ROI on a belt conveyor equipment investment.

Types of Belt Conveyor Equipment Offered

Truss Conveyors utilize a triangular type truss frame and are able to handle large loads and longer distances. Idler pulleys are utilize to support the belt along the length

For lower profile and shorter distance and lighter loads a “C” channel type frame is utilized.

Slider Belt Conveyors: Belts that are subject to high impact and short distances often use a Slider Belt configuration where the belt is supported along its length by typically a UHMW bottom liner instead of rollers.

Inclined belt conveyors are ideal for moving material from one level to the next. Typically material can be transported with a standard belt with angles less than 20 degrees. Cleated belts are often required for steeper angles with the drawback that with loose bulk materials “carry-back” on the belt after the discharge point tends to accumulate on the floor making housekeeping an issue for certain types of facilities.

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