Process Systems & Design, Inc. (PS&D) can convey, load, unload, weigh, feed and process virtually any bulk solid or liquid material.

Let our staff of professional engineers with over 100 years of experience work to provide you with a bulk processing system that will meet your specific needs. Below are some of our services:

  • Engineering, Design and Drafting/Plans Services
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    1. AutoCad 2D drawings of plans and specifications.
    2. 3D Solid Modeling in any of the major modeling packages including SolidWorks, AutoCad Inventor or ProEngineer Wildfire. To ensure a realtime view of equipment and installation details not capable in standard 2D. Equipment and installation design allow for 360 degree views and in-facility layout views to ensure feasibility and compatibility.
    3. Piping and duct work layout and design for all bulk processing systems including factory air and water services.
  • Installation of equipment, by our partners who include mill rights, electricians, and mechanics to ensure optimum facility integration.
  • Custom design and fabrication of specialized structures for manway, equipment support, elevated equipment, access, walkways and ladders including building and plant support structures.
  • Electrical design including sizing of motors, electric service and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) all in accordance with state and National Electrical Codes. Professional Engineer Stamps can be provided where required.
  • On site visitation and on site management to make sure installation fits into the existing environment.
  • Consultation with client for building and service requirements for all purposed equipment systems.
  • Building and Plant Automated material processing systems to include the following:
    1. Belt conveyors, for everything from quarry to candy.
    2. Screw conveyors for fly ash, coal or any other suitable material.
    3. Dense vacuum and pressure conveying systems.
    4. Dilute vacuum and pressure conveying systems.
    5. Pneumatic batch blenders.
    6. Compressors and blower system design.
    7. Weighing systems and weigh veyors.
    8. Dust collection and storage silos including bag houses and bin vents.
    9. Custom hoppers and vibratory transfer equipment.
    10. Magnetic and ferrous metal detection and reject systems.
    11. Bulk bag & container dischargers and fillers.
    12. Material mixing and blending.
    13. Integrated Automation control to include sensing, monitoring communication and operation. PS&D integrated automation manages a complete processing operation from a single, menu –driven, touch screen interface if desired.
  • Powder Handling Systems:
    1. Dry Powder Handling
    2. Hoppers for foundries and other industrial uses
    3. Dry processing and handling systems for cereals, bakery products, nuts, pet foods
  • Storage:
    1. Silos
    2. Blending Silo
    3. Bottom reclaimers
    4. Moving Bed Storage bins for biomass
    5. Mass Flow Hopper design
  • Liquid Processing Systems to include:
    1. Storage tanks, mixing tanks, silo tanks, kettles CIP tanks
    2. Rotary Pumps