A bucket elevator is one of the most efficient and inexpensive method of elevating material, in both large and small quantities. The type and style of the equipment to be used is based on the material characteristics, amount to be conveyed, height and through-put rate are but a few of determining factors.

A bucket elevator elevates a variety of bulk materials from light to heavy and from fine to large size lumps, clumps and particle sizes.

Process Systems Design has turn-key solutions for bulk materials handling requiring bucket elevators equipment to convey solid and/or liquid material(s) including vertical bucket elevators and ZEE elevators.

PS&D partners with Thomas & Muller one of the worlds largest supplier and manufacturer of bucket elevators equipment to maximize productivity and through-put with the most economical solutions in the market today.

Types of Bucket Elevators Offered

Vertical Bucket Elevators: Often known as a Grain Legs are used to vertically convey free-flowing materials like grains, powder, gravel, fertilizer and other types of non-sticky, un-wetted materials.

Zee Bucket Elevators: ZEE Elevators offer a means of conveying material and product in both a vertical and horizontal axis. Multiple inlet and discharges are also available in this style of bucket elevator making for a very economic and versatile system.

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