Spray Drying Systems Equipment Process Systems Design provides a complete menu of spray drying systems equipment and services. Our custom spray drying technology makes a superior powder, and we seek customers with mid-to-high-value products who demand excellent powder quality and great service. We can also dry many products that cannot be dried in a conventional spray dryer or that deliver less than optimum results from freeze drying.

We can handle your needs from the “idea” phase to commercial sales, installation & production.

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The Pulse Combustion Spray Dryer™ uses patented and proprietary technology to produce better powder than conventional spray driers or freeze drying systems. Our spray dryer delivers significant cost and performance improvements across the entire spectrum of feedstocks, including foods, chemicals, minerals, nutriceuticals and pharmaceuticals. If your product can be spray-dried, it can usually be pulse-dried to a better result. And, if it can’t undergo spray drying, we may be able to pulse-dry it anyway. Our technology is particularly beneficial for customers who are developing new or improved products. We look forward to discussing with you how we can make your company more successful by using pulse-drying instead of conventional forms of spray or freeze drying.

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