Process Design Systems can deliver the entire continuum required for creating specialty machine design and prototype design and build. This includes engineering, fabrication, installation, training and operating any style or type of specialized equipment.

We sell a broad range of high-quality processing equipment, from a single tank to a complete plant system. Our sales and design team offers the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the most appropriate high-quality equipment is used to ensure an attractive ROI.


We also offer a prototyping service to our customers that can be separate from PS&D’s specialty machine design. The outputs can range from complete working sub-scale models to proven processes and methods.

Our physical prototypes are often supported by analysis, simulation or virtual kinematic models where we seek to understand mechanics and phenomenon at every level. Our in-house capability is complemented by a comprehensive team of expert partners lead by us. Our 40 years of engineering and project management us translate your most challenging problems into proven solutions which can be inserted directly into your system or equipment. We know how to design and execute experiments that are focused, cost-effective and guided by science. While there is more than one way to solve a problem, there is only one efficient way to get to the most robust results. That PS&D’s experimental operating model.