Whether short a component or need an entire system, we deliver full plant design, implementation, installation and training on your pneumatic conveying equipment needs.

Pneumatic conveying equipment and systems transport dry bulk materials (powders, granules etc.) from one point to another through a piping system/convey line. Typically air is used in either a vacuum or pressure capacity. By controlling this air either vacuum or pressure materials are transported through the piping at the desired rate. Pneumatic Systems typically have fewer parts than many other types of conveying thus reducing complexity and maintenance.

Types of Pneumatic Conveying Equipment Offered

Dense Phase Conveying is a means to transport highly abrasive materials and other types of products which may be friable or degrade. With its low velocity of conveying and higher pressures than Dilute Phase conveying large distances may be accomplished in excess of 3000 ft.

Typically a Dense Phase system consist of a pressure vessel/hopper and associated valves utilizing a 2 stage process of charging the vessel and then opening/closing respective valves to allow the high pressure to empty the hopper and discharge its contents into the convey line.

Advantages of this low velocity process are minimal product damage, reduced erosion in the conveying line and longer distances. Significant reduced power requirements are also realized.

Dilute Phase Conveying is most commonly used in the conveying of powders, granules, and fibrous materials etc. which are more durable and not friable or where product degradation is not a consideration. Dilute phase can be either vacuum or pressure system or a push-pull type utilizing both in a balanced configuration especially over longer distances.

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