Our engineering team uses mixing, blending and agitation equipment in many of our installations and designs. Whether as an individual equipment add-on, replacement or as part of a larger system PS&D has the experience and analytical tools to precisely define and implement the unit that is needed for your unique application. We typically use ribbon blenders & paddle mixers for blending & mixing solids with solids, mixing solids with liquids, or mixing liquids to solids. Liquid spray systems and cooling jackets can be added.

These units are available in carbon or stainless steel and/or sanitary design. Various inlet and discharge designs are available. All ribbon blenders and paddle mixers are custom designed, built and integrated to meet or exceed specific production requirements.

Features can include:

  • Single or double agitator
  • Combination of either outside ribbon blender and inside paddle mixer or vice versa
  • Drive systems available in either direct shaft mount or chain parallel shaft
  • Various discharge gates, drop bottom, seals and finishes
  • Optional scale hoppers are available
  • Constructed of 316 stainless, 304 stainless and carbon steel

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